Latino Cock

Sometimes porn site photographers try and get a little creative to spice things up for us. And I do appreciate it because the lying-back-on-the bed or sitting-on-the-couch jack off session gets real tired. The guys at Men at Play have got Oscar encased in a giant doll box. You know the kind that Barbie or Ken comes in with the clear plastic front? Oscar's wearing a suit and he's jaw-droppinly gorgeous - quite a beautiful guy really. With stunning good looks; full, pouty and kissable lips; and deep brown eyes. Locked behind the clear plastic, Oscar pulls his fat Latino cock out of his pinstripe suit. And what a beautiful thick dick. Ah those Latino boys, they sure are well-hung. No wonder most Latin countries have an afternoon siesta, who wants to wait for nightfall to swallow one of those fat fuckers. Oscar eventually breaks out of the box and strips out of his suit. His body is smooth and tight. Wow! What a hot guy. And you can watch him in a video called "One on One" over at Men at Play.

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