What a great cock! I love a fat cock head. I like to know that I have a dick in my mouth. And a fat cock head is so much fun to wrap my lips around and tease with my tongue. Fratmen Miguel has got a deliciously plump and suckable cock head. He's got a fairly reasonably long cock, and then, there it is -- a juicy crown just sitting out there like Rudolph's red nose. When his cock is erect it stands straight out from his body. No curve here. Miguel's a cutie, too, with a hot, lean and well-toned body. His pecs are strong and one of them is inked with a Superman tattoo. And he's got a nice set of ripped abs. He's also got a tribal tattoo running across the width of his shoulders. And he's got a cute butt -- round, untanned, and smooth. Miguel is Fratmen's new guy this week, and he's featured relaxing around and in a pool before he takes it in the bedroom and does some of that hot bedspread fucking Fratmen is famous for.

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