Fat Cock

Now this is my kind of man. Fuck! They do make them hot in Great Britain, don't they? This is Jake Ryder and he's the latest to join the gang of hotties at UK Naked Men. He's a good-looking bugger standing 5'9" and rock solid. As you know, I adore kissing and Jake Ryder here has a beautiful set of lips. You could get lost in those for a good, long while. But I'm really drawn to his fat cock. (It does seem to have been fat cock week here at Gay Demon. I'm not doing it on purpose. I blog about what I see.) And as a cock sucker aficionado I do prefer girth over lenth. Yeah sure, a big, long, 9-inch cock like Criss has down below is certainly impressive. But as I watch Samuel suck it, it becomes pretty clear that a 9-inch cock is hard to suck. Samuel's a good cock sucker, but he still has trouble getting more than two-thirds of it in his mouth. But a nice, fat cock like Jake Ryder's here isn't going to present you with those problems. And while Criss's cock is going to make you see stars, Ryder's cock will just stretch your butt hole and make it feel good. You're going to feel Ryder's cock for a couple of days after he fucks you. And Ryder's got foreskin, so that's always an extra treat.

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