I'm really enjoying the men at Bang Bang Boys. I've always has a thing for Latino men, ever since I was, well, not even legal, I always stared at the Italian and Greek men in my neighbourhood. We didn't have many Latino or South American people where I lived, so I didn't come to fully appreciate Latino men until much later in life. But still, way back then the seeds were planted for olive and light-brown skinned, dark-haired men. And of course when I did start having sex, I figured out that most of those men had uncut cocks. I've adored a foreskinned cock since the first time I had one in my mouth and I've been on the lookout for uncut cocks ever since. Lee is one of the muscled and tanned men to join the Brazilian throng at Bang Bang Boys. And I really enjoyed watching him. He spritzed some Gun Oil in his hand and rubbed it all over his big muscles. His gorgeously hard and well-defined body glistened in the sun. And then as he started beating that fat Brazilian cock of his, he started working up a sweat. The oil and the sweat mixed, glazing his brown skin. And that cock of his -- woof! it's a cock sucker's dream. Unfortunately for this cock sucker he jizzed a huge load all over his beefy, smooth thigh. Still, it was hot to watch.

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