Farmer Boy Spreads Ass

Gemini Men cutie Alan is a farm boy from upstate New York who's used to hard labor to hone up his body. He may not be a big guy at all, but no doubt he's in shape. Especially seeing all the hot positions he gets himself into for our erotic entertainment. Alan is 25 years old. This was his audition photo shoot, so we get to see him for the very first time. As you can probably notice, Alan is not a shy man at all. He loves to tease and he slowly pulls down his jeans to show off that fine, hard butt of his. The compulsion to spread his sweet ass cheeks apart must have overcome him as there he is in all his glory for us to see! I personally fell in love with this boy as soon as he flashed that great smile he charms everyone he knows with. What a cutie!

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