Fanstasy Cum True

Nathan Lewis and Neil Stevens are fucking over at Men at Play. And while Nathan is having a hot time, he keeps slipping in and out of a favourite fantasy of his ... He comes home from work one day and catches a burglar red-handed. The robber is a hot, blond hunk, and unlike most burglars, this one is wearing a suit. He's also wearing a pair of heavy, leather gloves to make sure he doesn't leave any fingerprints. Neil jumps Nathan, ties him to the bed, and starts having his way with him. But the ropes are just for atmosphere, Nathan isn't about to resist one of his all-time biggest fantasies coming true - forced sex at the hands of a burglar. He slobbers all over Neil's big, curved, uncut cock and that bone gets harder and thicker. Neil release Nathan and pushes him to his knees and starts inspecting his beefy ass. He manhandles Nathan's butt cheeks with his gloved hands, even delivering the odd slap, and then, Neil starts slipping his stiff cock inside Nathan's rosebud. I won't ruin how this scene pans out, but let me just say that you're definitely going to want to head over to Men at Play and check this fuck session out!

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