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We've all probably thought about getting it on with some of the guys we watch on gay porn sites. Isn't that really the ultimate fantasy? But Corbin Fisher's Aaron is making that fantasy come true. He contacted Corbin Fisher curious about having sex with some of the hot straight guys he'd been seeing and he's done alright for himself. He's managed to snag scenes with four Corbin Fisher alumni now, including Fucking Virgin Ass featuring my favouirte Corbin Fisher stud, big-dicked Cade. (Click the link to see the blog of Cade fucking Aaron's ass.) And it doesn't look like there's any chance of stopping him.

Joel is a horn dog and another one of Aaron's favourites. The guy-on-guy sex doesn't bother this straight guy -- Joel loves to get off, so it's all good, and the money doesn't hurt either. Aaron clearly just wants to bounce up and down on Joel's stiff cock, and that's just fine with this dark-haired jock. It's pretty hot watching this masculine stud writhing on the bed as Joel drills his fuck hole int he locker room. With Joel's stiff cock pumping his ass, Aaron shoots a nice, thick load all over his belly. And then Joel, squeezes his balls in one hand and pumps his cock with the other, adding his own watery load to Aaron's belly.

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