Fantastics Mag

Fantastics Mag is the place "where style and culture meet in a T-bone collision". It's a good collision of fashion shoots, news, and stories, with regular updates and loads of links to other sites with a similar interest. Slip down the page using your pointer and you see that there is more than just the immediate onslaught of images: hover and you see a link to a full story creeps up, it's a flashy, interactive blog site that is, on the face of it, mainly image driven. But behind it is that drive towards articles about style and fashion, lifestyle and lovely bodies. There are a fair few sexy male underwear models here, fashion guys, too, and loads of top photos from top photographers. So, if you are looking for a quick perv then Fantastics Mag's a good place to be, but it's really about fashion and style, and it presents its fantastic content really well.

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