Celebrity sites - love em' or hate em'. That's the way I see them anyway. On my internet travels I've run into a lot of bad ones with stolen pics and rude forum moderators. However, I must say that after signing up and posting a few things on the forum here, I was met with some nice and expedient responses. It seems that famous men from all walks of life, sports, and occupations are featured and talked about here. Some you can even interact with. On the front page you'll see links to the "Star Hottie", "News", and a featured celebrity. Signing up for the forum is free of course, just agree with the terms and conditions, give out some minor information, and you're ready to go. The site is set up very simply, yet is still easy on the eyes and aesthetically pleasing. Let's not forget about the large amount of gorgeous you get to look at as well as learn more about.

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