California Dreaming

Falcon Studios is creating controversy with its latest release--and that might be good for business. In an attempt to re-create the pre-condom classics of yesteryear, Falcon and director Tony Dimarco are releasing California Dreamin'. The two-part film features all the usual suck-and-fuck action you would expect from a major gay porn studio and its bevy of A-list stars. But it also depicts what appears to be unsafe sex.

In recent years, much of the industry, especially smaller online outfits, has turned to barebacking for the sake of sales. More established studios, like Titan Men, COLT and Hot House, have stuck with showing only protected sex. Falcon and bro studio Raging Stallion have only produced safe-sex condom movies. But in this nod to the digital age, Falcon is now removing the condoms in California Dreamin' in post-production. In other words, the models wore condoms while shooting the sex scenes, but when the viewers are watching, it will appear that the models are having condomless sex.

The studio is calling this a "modern take on classic retro Falcon poolside action" from the 1970s and '80s that "experiments with technology and innovation." The press release adds: "The goal of the experiment was to provide the pre-condom fantasy and remain true to the safe-sex philosophy of the studios focused on protecting the health of the models." Now we're all for innovation and experimentation--especially in the sack. And we're also all for protecting the health of this beautiful cast (including exclusives Ryan Rose, Ray Diaz and Donnie Dean), but we can't help but wonder: Were the models apprised of this before they shot their scenes? Did they know it would appear that they are having bareback sex? (In a recent tweet, Liam Magnuson says that the answer is no.)

For some, this might be a dealbreaker. Studio president Chris Ward seems to feel that this could also be a groundbreaker. "California Dreamin' will go down as a defining moment in the production of safe, top-quality male erotica," Ward says. "The innovation and use of technology to make condoms less 'in your face' is something that allows us to appeal to all porn fans while protecting our actors' health."

So we'd like to ask you, readers: How do you feel about this? Is it an industry-changing innovation or a dick move by a once great studio? Groundbreaking or rule breaking? And where do you stand on bareback porn? Is it what you want to watch? Start the conversation below.

Ps. In the pics released so far you can clearly see that condoms were used, except for the bottom pic, where it was digitally removed. Look very closely! Btw, the film also features Angel Rock, Lance Luciano, Ray Han, Adam Wirthmore and Liam Magnuson in his final scene before retiring.

California Dreaming

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