Fag Stag is a pretty cool site, home of an uncompromising fellow with insightful opinions and a nice grit. The menu mentions that a "fag stag" is a heterosexual male who prefers the company of gay men. While it is well worth noting he may well mean that, a look inside shows some pretty steaming hot gay sex. If he is a hetero man, he certainly appreciates and displays some red hot utterly gay male stuff, as in videos and pictures. He also slides the selection bar to celebrity issues, book reviews, movie reviews - in short, he seems to ramble along unfettered, doing pretty much whatever he feels like saying and posting. I found it actually refreshing and surprisingly in equal measure. A post dealing with a Youtube video of Whoopi Goldberg taking aim at bad politics, a post showing a band from the Early 80's that most of us have forgotten - Breakfast Club - and a very detailed examination of a great blow job encompass much of the first page. He finds Book Clubs devoted to gay literature among other offerings. In short, this is a wide ranging, sinewy effort by a good writer with an interested and incisive mind. Good blog here, fun to read and entertaining as hell.

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