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Gary Hart has a beautiful uncut cock. It's long and the cap curves down ever so slightly. He's the latest cutie jerking his dick on You Love Jack. Gary stares into the camera as he teases us, shoving his hand down his pants and working his dick up into a stiffie. Gary has sexy blue eyes and he's wearing an eyebrow piercing. He smirks a little and you know that his hand is feeling good on his cock.

He stands up again and strips out of his underwear. He's naked now except for his t-shirt, and he starts jerking his long cock with rough strokes. He pushing his t-shirt up to show us his belly and he tweaks his nipple to get his dick that much harder. His purposeful stroking gets his balls bouncing between his legs.

As he gets close to cumming, his toes stretch and wiggle. You can see that a nice load of spunk is getting close to bursting out of that cock. Then finally, a stream of cum squirts out and lands a couple of inches away on his t-shirt. Then nothing happens. I'm expecting more cum, but nothing. I think this show is over, but I'm wrong. A few seconds later, a huge stream of cum arcs out of Gary's dick and flies across his torso, landing right on his face. At first Gary is grossed out by his facial cum shot, but he's quickly distracted by the seemingly never-ending bursts of cum squirting out of his dick. When it's all over, Gary's t-shirt is a mess.

This young guy sure can shoot an awesome load of spunk. You'll want to head over to You Love Jack and watch this one, it's fantastic, one of the best cum loads I've seen all week.

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