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Following up to Vince's Putin dildo story, now we learn a Facebook group has sprung up encouraging the sending of dildos to Putin. Not Facebook itself (I wish). Do I think this is the most effective political option or the most environmentally friendly? No, I sure don't. Pay attention to activist groups within Russia for ideas on that front. But I can fantasize Putin personally opens his fan mail and will now more likely find lovely inches for deep penetration. Maybe if he's too busy fucking himself, he can stop stigmatizing others? Yes, that is a fantasy.

What's the clever name of the Facebook group? Forget clever this time. It's literally "Send A Dildo To Vladimir Putin: 23, Ilyinka Street, Moscow, 103132, Russia." The group also lets you know the Russian characters for dildo, as you would need that for the customs form.

This would be so much more convenient if this happened around the Bejing Olympics, as I assume there are factories in China that make dildos. And not decadent capitalist dildos. But good, hard, austere Commie dildos. In Russia, I guess they use Vodka bottles as dildos. That was my attempt to create a sexual stereotype about Russians since the only other one I have is that Russians wear bright and tacky, yet awesome, bikini underwear.

As for boycotting the viewing of the Olympics, that will be tough due to spandex on speed and ice skater thighs and asses. Personally, I don't want athletes to get special treatment while regular Russian citizens and tourists get the full brunt of the horrifying, oppressive, hateful law. If I had to write the script, I'd say an openly gay gold medalist gets arrested for kissing his/her partner within an Olympic venue. That would make headlines. Although so would an avalanche of dildos.

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