Facebook Hotties

This blog comes with a music soundtrack, which means you can listen as you gape. Facebook Hotties was an inevitability, I guess. Someone spends their time trawling through the millions of guys who have Facebook accounts and downloads their images. They then stamp their own mark on them and put them up here. So what we get in effect is a collection of amateur guys showing off handsome faces, cute smiles, good looks, toned chests and sometimes even more. Don't you just love other people's obsessions? I wouldn't spend hours going through FB but I could easily spend time at this site. Indeed, I spent a while looking through (didn't finds myself pictured here yet, though - clearly an oversight), and had a great time. There's an archive to check out, one of those 'Ask me anything' functions where you contact the webmaster/blogger, and the blog looks like it's being updated very regularly. It's also pretty new so there is lots more FB hunting to be done. Meanwhile, enjoy the music and the guys.

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