Fabulous Fratmen Hottie - Mick

What do you know, a fellow Canadian gets to show himself off on Fratmen! Yes, I am Canadian, what can I say? He He. It's not too hard to figure out why Mick managed to get a shoot with a site well known for featuring some of the best looking young college men in the world. He is part of a student exchange program, and hails from our french speaking province of Quebec. When it comes to sheer young male beauty, this lad really takes the cake. With his sensational blonde hair and very low bodyfat percentage, he's just about the perfect twink I would say. And wouldn't you know it, but Mick was blessed with a gloriously attractive large cock. A complete package in every sense. This luscious young man just goes to show that Canada is not all hockey and beer. We have our beauty as well. Enjoy!

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