They say that Michaelangelo's "David" was his rendition of "the perfect man". When I first saw Federico, I thought I was looking at another one of the great italian sculpture's works. LUCAS KAZAN is quite famous for featuring incredibly well built men just like Federico. Hunks who appear to be literally cut from stone. Skin the fine, sensous colour of caramel. Federico is just so fine to look at I HAD to put him up for all to see. The really cool thing? This is only a tease. There's a free image gallery included in the surprise. Damn, this guy is fabulous!


Tell me you couldn't get comfy on those abs. I could spend a lot of time just kissing and fondling them myself. Love how his rock hard meat points north. I'm in Canada. Maybe he's trying to tell me something! LOL. In my dreams.


Damn! Just when you thought Federico's front was hot. Check out that ass!! And those feet! I adore a nice pair of feet and this lovely lad definitely has peds I could chow down on for a while. Is this man something else or what?


Oh man! I think I just blew it. This fabulous latino needs a good rimming I would think. How could anyone resist that tight ass?! LUCAS KAZAN specialize in italian men. If these mediterranean manly men are what get you gooey, I highly suggest checking them out. And don't forget to see Federico's free image gallery. I'm off there now. The great thing about internet porn is you can get your own monitor sticky and no one can complain. LOL.

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