Fab Magazine

Fab Magazine is a cheerful, well-designed and thoroughly entertaining magazine whose online version is involving, dense and sprinkled liberally with entertainment news as well as a nice trove of opinion. I hasten to add that there is invariably also some wonderfully salacious photographic eye candy of hot dudes, dressed - and undressed - for the part. The rag is based in Toronto, as far as I can tell, one of my favorite cities in the world, and it touches the newest trends with an appreciative hand. Brian Finch's most interesting GWH Channel ("Guys With HIV Network") may sound mundane, but it positively crackles with meaning, honesty and information. The situation is treated sympathetically and even with nice patches of humor. As Finch says in this post: "GWH may be just a dream television channel, but the dream is a reflection of a growing Toronto movement of independent HIV-positive guys who have taken their lives in the direction they want by creating events and statements that reflect their realities." Interesting and relevant. Otherwise, Good Lord - where to begin? It's a good read! I am quite quite taken by this glossy-but-relevant and very stylish magazine. The authors have done a terrific job of making it absolutely modern with an edge, as well as providing some heart, soul and common sense - a truly rare combination.

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