The World Figure Skating Championships recently went down and they all took themselves quite seriously in order to win medals, so fuck that. We have to travel back in time for some silly beefcake on ice. How far back? Well, the video is called Brokeback Skaters so that is a clue.

If Elvis were around, would he have given his permission for his song to be used in such a semi-depraved manner? Yes to the use of the song. But no to the remixing of the song. Though I love it on both counts. Maybe I'll show Elvis the video on my cellphone next time I see him in a phone booth in a gas station parking lot? According to the tabloids, he spends lots of time there.

P.S. Kurt Browning is wearing a bandana around his head because he's going bald. Why be ashamed? It just means an excess of testosterone. Yum!

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