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Generally speaking, there's not very much in gay porn that shocks or surprises me; I've been working in porn for a long time and I have pretty much seen it all. But I have to admit that watching what Trent Bloom can do with his ass had me clutching my pearls and gasping. This guy is one talented bottom, and when we're talking about extreme fisting, Bloom wins the award.

In this scene from Fisting Central, Trent Bloom submits his ass to Erik Rhodes in a no-limits fist fight. Now when a lot of sites say things like "no limits" I just shake my head because everyone has limits. But Trent Bloom sure pushes his, and Erik Rhodes is only too happy to help him go places few of us would even think of venturing.

First of all, doing anything with Erik Rhodes would be a huge turn-on. He's good looking and very well stacked. His body is beautifully beefy with muscles on top of muscles. Things start off with Trent wearing a red jockstrap and he's down on all fours; Erik works his fist into Trent's ass. So what, I've seen fisting before; but I can't believe how much of Erik's arm slides into this bottom's ass - right to the elbow. I'm beside myself when Erik slides his fist and cock into Trent's gaping butt hole - he's jerking his cock inside of Trent's ass! Now that's talented! But wait, there's more. Trent stands up and bends over and Erik slides both hands into his ass - and he's still begging for more. This is one extreme fisting scene that you don't want to miss!

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