Expose Tim

I guess his name is Tim and he likes to expose himself, but I'm only making that up from the title of this Tumblr blog, Exposetim. There's a tiny explanation of sorts: Tim's a suited slut who likes exposing his cock from inside his suits, which he likes to have pissed on from time to time. You're allowed to cum on them, as well, and even rip them, and he's fully up for meets and hook ups. So it all sounds rather sleazy and nicely dirty, and yet it all looks very smart and well-presented. But then I guess that's the idea of sleazy suit sex, isn't it? Here you're invited to join the fun, send in pics and thoughts, make contact, and there are already plenty of guys following these suited adventures. And for the photo-hunters among us, there are also plenty of hard cocks popping out of a double breasted, a boner in a blazer or two, and even some "when office workers' flies go wrong" style videos. Only joking; there is serious sex in suits content here for the fetishist, and Tim is doing his best to update his adventures regularly.

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