Executive Threeway

Francesco D'Macho is playing a restaurateur. D'Macho is used to being the top dog in his neighbourhood, and nothing happens without his say-so. When a competing restaurant opens in his patch, he is not pleased. He demands his rival joins him for dinner. When Damien Crosse arrives, he finds things a little uneven. Restaurateur D'Macho is flanked by his good-looking assistant, Jean Franko. Together the two handsome men in suits show Damien how things work around here. Crosse is forced to his knees and Franko holds Crosse's head in place until Crosse cleans D'Macho's shoes of whipped cream. D'Macho slides his pants around his ankles and holds open his strong butt cheeks while Franko pushed Crosse's face into D'Macho's hairy fuck hole. Crosse is stripped out of his suit and forced to suck the two men's substantial cocks. Then Crosse is laid across the table. D'Macho mounts Crosse's hard cock while Franko stuffs his huge piece of meat down Crosse's throat. After Crosse fucks the boss man and gives him a nice load of spunk, he's free to go and run his new restaurant. But D'Macho will be calling for seconds, and Crosse had better be ready.

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