A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about sexy, hunky Cypriot porn stud Leo Domenico tweeting a couple of porn stars about his quitting the porn industry and he never really gave an answer as to why he was quitting, that was until now.

Leo gave Gaydemon an exclusive; he spilled his heart out and wrote exactly why he quit and what it meat for him to work in the porn world. What he wrote will probably leave you liking him even more! He even touched on the "Jake Genesis Topic" and gave his view point on what it meant to him to have worked in gay porn.

Take it away Leo!

"When I first began doing porn it was something that I wanted to do for long time. Later on though after working in the porn industry for some time, I realized it was not something I wanted to do for very time. Porn was a fantasy that was fulfilled and with time I felt that I was over the fact that I wanted to be recognized in the gay scene as a 'porn star'.

I am happy, because I can say that at least I fulfilled one of my fantasies that so many people have and they do not have the guts to do it because they are afraid of what people would say. I believe that in life you need to try different paths in order to find the perfect and most suitable for your character and personality that would make you completely happy and satisfied.

Honestly speaking, I did not manage to save almost any money from my porn work. You know I am the type of person where I love to spend my money when I have it. Most people in Cyprus are like that hence the Cyprus crisis :)

I would say that with the money I earned, I traveled a lot to places I would never imagine going to. Getting to know different cultures is an investment that will last forever in my mind and I believe that kind of educating is a far better investment. Besides, live your life to its maximum because life is too short to be wasted.

I was very pleased to meet Jake Genesis in Los Angeles and he was a very sweet and kind guy. I respect his point of view and I can understand why he might be feeling that way. The porn industry can be very nasty sometimes and can drain you, because it's a very competitive industry. Not many big companies around the world, but many sexy muscled hopefuls that want to be the "next big thing." One day you might be the big star of a huge company and the next day they may not want you to shoot with them anymore because they had enough of your 'flesh' and their members got bored of you.

For better or for worse, the porn industry is all about the looks and not about your brain, kindness, personality etc. Personally I did not regret at all doing porn. It was a fun year and I got to travel around the globe, meeting some of my idols and gay scene personalities that I would never had the honor to meet. In addition, I learned many things about my self and my sexual tastes. It made me more thick skinned and to stand on my own. It gave me more confidence and taught me how to be more competitive and proud of my self.

On the other hand though not all year was full of fun and great moments. Sometimes working in a scene, can be very hard and it just came into a point where I felt that I could not give more to people. Therefore I decided to quit because I prefer people to remember me and miss my movies rather than the thought that they had enough of me and they got bored looking at me.

Right now, I am 24 years old and with an economics degree that I worked hard for three years to get. This year was a break for me, so I feel it is time to go after my academic education where I am still young because porn does not last for ever anyway. Looks fade and there will be always someone that will be newer for the industry and fresher than you."

Well, there you have it! I know many of you will miss this stud but I think he left the industry on his own terms and in a very smart kind of way without trashing it or saying some crazy ass shit that would make him seem like he was bitter and resentful. I wanted to thank Leo for giving us his point of view and I hope he knows that his yummy self will be missed by many and we wish him nothing but continued success in any path he chooses to take!

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