Meet Joseph Sciambra. Have you heard of him before? Well, probably not but this self proclaimed "ex-porner" has been making quite the splash with his HILARIOUS (although I'm quite sure he doesn't seem to think so) video where he states that the devil.... wait for it... LOVES ANAL SEX! Now, I definitely know that Satan and I have SO MANY things in common!

I don't know what to make of the video just cos of the simple fact that this guy is obviously bonkers so it's kinda like just watching a crazy person rant until the nurse comes in with his pills to take his ass to "sleepy town". I'm sure that many will be outraged by what he says in this video but to be honest we have heard it all before... gays are going to hell, the anus was not made to take a penis.. but there's something quite hilarious about Joseph's delivery of these "truths" he seems sooo sleepy, maybe he had taken his cray-cray pills already..

Here without any further delay is the ex-gay, ex-gay porner, ex-coherent Joseph Sciambra.

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