EX-Gay Porn Stud Gets Sentenced

A while back we reported on the Gaydemon blog that fashion icon Calvin Klein's ex boyfriend, Nick Gruber (who also used to do gay porn under the name Aaron Skyline), had been arrested in April for assaulting a man he had picked up during a night of partying. When the police arrested him they also found that he had drugs down his pants. Things weren't looking too good for him.

Well, Gruber was sentenced this week in Manhattan where he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge, and will have to do 20 days of community service. He will do 10 days of service in New York City and then do the other 10 back in his home state of California. Nick was not forced to go to rehab as he had enrolled himself a drug treatment shortly before his arrest.

I guess this means that Nick is done with drugs for now. Hopefully he'll get his life back on track and maybe have another stab at gay porn! That would be a welcome cum-back, don't ya think?!

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