Have you ever wondered what all those video sizes and formats you read about in reviews and on tours really mean? Well, we're going to tell you a little about all that video stuff so you'll know just what it all means! Let's get started with some standard video sizes.


Click the pic above of the boy with the cute butt to see a vidcap full standard-sized video. It's 640x480, which means 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall. I've always felt that this is a very good size of video as I think bigger really IS better.

There IS a bigger kind of video. It's called HD for High Definition but so far there are only a very few gay sites offering HD. We'll be seeing more of it in the near future, though. Imagine seeing a cock being stroked across your entire monitor with completely clear quality so it's like you're there. This is what HD is like, so hopefully we'll be seeing it on more sites soon!

But for now, let's get back to the most common sizes of video.


Click the above pic to see a sample pic from a 480x360 pixel video. It's a good size, still pretty big. It's easy to make out all the details at this size as you can tell from this vidcap of Paul from Tyler's Room. As you can see, it's not hard to see what's going on at this size although it's not as satisfying as the 640x480 size we saw above.


The above here is a 320x240 sample. A few years ago this was a good-sized video but as broadband took over the internet, 320x240 seems smaller and smaller. I'm a little disappointed when this is the biggest size a site has to offer me but it's still big enough to see what's going on.

The thing about videos is that the bigger the screen size is, the more data is needed to make it look good because it simply takes more pixels, which are basically little dots, to fill the screen. This means that big videos are also larger in file size - they are heavier, as it were, and they take longer to download. That is why dialup users cannot download larger broadband movies. The amount of data per second that a movie uses is called the bitrate. I usually call it the streaming speed in reviews for the sake of simplicity, but video editors and programs call it the bitrate as it is how many bits per second the video uses.

This means a higher streaming speed, or bitrate, means a better quality movie. Sites with 1200k streaming speeds will have much clearer videos than sites with 512k streaming speeds or 330k streaming speeds.

I hope that helps you. In part 2, we'll discuss video formats!

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