Hot Threesome

Threesomes can be tricky. If the chemistry isn't there, then someone ends up feeling left out. But this one on Circle Jerk Boys is pretty hot; and as a blogger, I have to say this fuck session had some pretty hot photos; it was hard to pick the best shots because there were so many. Blond guy Bobby and Damon are making out on the couch as Jake looks on. Jake is getting stiff as he watches his buddies kiss and slip out of their clothes. And when Damon starts sucking Bobby's cock, Jake shimmies in and gets some lip action from Bobby. I'm starting to think blond in the middle, but that's not where it's going. Jake lies across the couch and Damon joins him; and while these two get into some 69 cocksucking, Bobby straddles the arms of the sofa and drops his cock into Damon's waiting mouth. It's an awesome cocksucking scene -- they're hard to orchestrate, but these three found a way and got right. Damon now finds himself in the middle of these two hard-dicked guys, and they take turns fucking his mouth and ass. Jake fucks the cum right out of Damon -- literally -- and then, the three guys sit side by side on the sofa and Bobby and Jake jerk off while Damon helps them out.

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