Parker is a guy that the Varsity Men crew met in Prague. He's 24 with a great body and a big dick. He loves working out - he goes to the gym every day and runs 5 miles to round out his workouts. He's also just a little crazy and loves to have fun, and messed around a lot during his photo shoot. Parker just plain refuses to be serious, and he and the crew laughed a lot, even while they were lusting after his hard cock and low hanging balls.

From the beginning of the shoot, Parker decided he was going to have a good time - and he did! Not everyone can be as playful and silly as Parker can while still being turned on and horny.


And what a gorgeous ass Parker has! Round, firm, with a light covering of hair, this is the kind of ass that drive both men and women wild - I mean, who wouldn't want to get their hands on this fine butt?


I love it when a guy doesn't shave his pubic hair, and Parker is nice and furry. He's also got his hand wrapped around his cock and is ready for action. Wouldn't you love to have a taste of that!


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