Ever fantasized about getting naked in front of a room full of people? Even better, ever had a fantasy of being naked in front of a room full of hot and horny guys? And then join them for uninhibited sex with whoever strikes your fancy while everyone around you is doing the same? If your fantasy goes something like that, you're not the only one. There are entire sites like Guys Go Crazy that are dedicated to all-male sex parties. There are online groups who form in order to get together to drink, party and fuck and suck any guy who turns them on..

Imagine letting yourself go completely! Letting any man in the room suck your cock as the men around you dance or masturbate or do whatever they want to do while in a room packed with sweating guys with hard cocks. The music pulsing around you as your body movies in time to the thrusting rhythms. Everywhere you look are half dressed and naked guys...


It's no wonder that college aged guys are known to have parties like this. College is the age where most of us are ready, willing and quite able to explore our sexuality. And a sex party promises lots of hard cocks with no commitments, no promises and plenty of guys to choose from. A party is also a fun event, a place where people can leave their responsibilties at the door and do whatever they feel. It's not surprising that a lot of guys who consider themselves straight have at least found themselves jacking off in a circle jerk after a few beers.


If you haven't lived out your sex party fantasy, and you're thinking of going to your first, be sure and bring some condoms and lube - you never know what's gonna happen so it's best to be prepared. Then you can fuck all the strangers you want - and isn't that a big part of the fun?

And if you just love the fantasy of a room full of naked men in action, but don't think you're ready to actually go to a gay sex party, not to worry. There are websites and DVDs to bring the action to you for your stroking pleasure.

Party on!

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