Sometimes an age difference makes sex a little hotter. Kay is 23 and Maurice is 37, and these two euro guys have recently become neighbors. As they kept running into each other, they became very attracted to each other. Well, Berlin Male knows a good thing and they were happy to catch these two in action in the attic. Maurice is ultra masculine, and looks incredible with Kay's hard, veiny shaft in his mouth! And Kay instantly discovered that older men have more experience and REALLY know what to do when they give a blowjob.

From the minute these two touched, they had incredible chemistry. Kay could hardly wait to see Maurice's cock and both men couldn't keep their hands off each other.


After Maurice sucked Kay for a while, Kay was happy to return the favor. He took the head of Maurice's dick in his mouth and gave it some serious suction.


And when Maurice slid his cock into Kay's tight ass, Kay loved every inch of it. Maurice rides that ass hard and doesn't stop till both of them are satisfied!


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