Ethan Says would definitely be within the parameters of my definition of a "truly fascinating site". This site has been around a while, judging by the enormous number of "categories" listed on the left hand side of the home page. I found no end of unbelievably well-done posts and articles relating to the fashionable and the unfashionable sexiest guys and gals in the Galaxy of Gay. The first item I encountered was the hilarious and well-done music video, done by "Peaches", called "Fuck You Like A Billionaire". If that won't stir up some interesting images, then the music will! That was a hot tune. The rest of this site includes a very impressive list of topics and draws from a range of material from high-fashion photography of models to sexy bits covering recent gay porn stars and celebrities being themselves. The reach of this site's interests is also impressive and hugely wide - as well as International. There are some political tidbits along with eroticism, always a lethal combination for me in terms of wasting good gobs of time. Flashy, classy, stylish, Ethan Says is a humorous and empathetic site dedicated to pleasing the curious in us all and delivering in a fashion which is pleasing as hell, interesting and fully-loaded with pretty much anything you could want, including some gorgeous body parts. Ahem.

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