Ethan Says is a nice looking blog. No waste of real estate here, yet it's not overwhelming when the page loads up. I believe Ethan is your author and blogmaster. He likes to cover the latest gossip on TV stars, funny advertisements, and even the latest cool music CD releases. While the emphasis is on hot men, occassionally Ethan goes off the beaten path to bring us something different. I like that. I mean, getting to check out hot guys is certainly a big hobby of mine. But at times I want to give the ol' pecker a break. LOL. Some pretty amazing looking models can be seen at Ethan's in a beautiful artisitic context. I went through a lot of the 100's of categories on this blog and I can honestly say I didn't see any of my favourite hot actors not listed at least once. Descriptions, a bit of bio info, and pictures that don't always make it into the mainstream can be seen in each dude's entry. In fact, I saw some pics of Sean Connery that I really got into. What a pure hunk he is. Cool blog folks.

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