Bel Ami's Scandal in the Vatican

A couple of weeks ago we told you that BelAmi porn pup Trevor Yates had "quit" porn to follow his "dream" of becoming a priest in the Vatican, but of course this was just a part of a new BelAmi movie called "Scandal In The Vatican".

Well, they have just released part 1 of a documentary about the porn flick where the cast is revealed and obviously Trevor Yates plays the role of a hung priest, (is there really any other kind?) and then there are Kinky Angels Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, and Jaco Van Sant.

There is a lot of gay-hoopla around this flick as some gay bloggers are reporting that the pope himself was "tricked" into blessing 2 porn stars and the video of that exact moment will be included in the movie itself. That is said to be the "highlight" of the film. Well, I don't know about that but I can assure you that if we do see the pope in this porn flick, we will all be thanking our lucky stars that he will be wearing clothes, 'cos seriously ain't nobody got time for that!

Are you looking forward to this latest "escandaloso" BelAmi porn flick? Does it turn you on that it's set within the Vatican where being a cock-worshiping homo is a sin? We shall see just how far the new flick goes when it's released in November. Till then, my gays - hold on to your rosaries!

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