It's nice to see porn stars grow up. I remember seeing Erik York several years ago when he was a twenty-something, buff and blonde stud. He was cute and had a hot body, but he really wasn't my type. I'm not usually into blondes and I'm only into certain types of muscle guys. But here's Erik York several years later. He's still as muscular as ever, but now he's sporting a beard and body hair. His hair isn't quite as blonde as it was back then, and I see he's picked up a few tattoos. I love his hard pecs crowned with two perfectly hard nipples. And he's ruggedly handsome now. He's my kind of man and I'm glad to see that Bear Films picked him up for their website. Erik started his gay porn career in 1992 appearing in Beat Patrol, which was when I saw him. He made a few more films after that, but never attained super star status. He made a couple more films in 1999 when he did the Prowl series, but then he disappeared for a few years. He re-appeared briefly in 2003, and then, did nothing until 2005. I've seen him recently in a couple of things and even on a couple of other websites, so maybe we're in for a come-back.

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