The colossus of Rhodes is a busy multi-media star. Recently, he's appeared in Falcon blockbusters The Farmer's Son and The Velvet Mafia, and launched his own membership site, ErikRhodesXXX. On his popular MySpace blog he details how, in May this year, he spent some time in hospital and also completed his first non-porn movie, Detication, starring Mandy Moore and Billy Crudup. Also, he's a regular fashion model for US discount fashion chain, Loehmann's, last year he was on the cover of Gay Times magazine, and he also performs live internet shows.


Falcon Studios:

Basic Plumbing 3 (Falcon)

The Farmer's Son (Falcon)

Heaven to Hell (Falcon)

Cross Country 1 (Falcon)

Cross Country 2 (Falcon)

Beefcake (Falcon)

The Velvet Mafia (Falcon)

From Top to Bottom (Falcon)

Super Soaked (Jocks)

Flex (Jocks)

Driver (Jocks)

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