Ever since I was young I have been a voracious reader and writer. I guess that's why I write for people. So coming across sites which still push reading in our society I find most refreshing indeed. We all know other forms of communication and media have shoved literature to the side in the past 15 years. Tis' a shame, but true I'm afraid. However, with sites like Erastes popping up now and again, at least the most intellectual of human communication next to speech is not completely dead. Featured here are large snippets of stories by Erastes. The author's theme is "romantic historical homoerotic fiction". As a person who can appreciate good and unique writing, this stuff is HOT!! Even the settings and prose is old school, while mixed in with some more modern text and styling. From the romance of the Regency era or the desperate sadness of the English Civil War, all are infused with homoerotic fiction which will stir your soul as well as get you quite randy to say the least. Very interesting writing done in a most interesting context. Wonderful looking site too.

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