English Lads 18 Year Old Nico

English Lads fell right in love with gorgeous twink Nico. At 18 years old, he is at an age where everything is still so new and fresh. Including sticking a kinky toy up his butt. And on an outdoor patio in broad daylight no less! Nico is totally smooth from the waist up. His nether regions however are covered pretty nicely in very light blonde hair. Especially around his sweet behind. He starts things off by teasing the hell out of us and playing peek-a-boo with his boxer shorts. I think part of that would be shyness. Eventually though, he warms right up to our intense stares and shows off all of his luscious young wares. He had always wanted to try out an anal toy and was given one to see what he could come up with. The end result speaks for itself indeed!

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