Why are so many men attracted to straight boys? I know I am ;)

There's something about a cute straight guy, especially college-aged and a real lady's man. In other words, a cocky guy whose dick I would never get to see when it's hard is sexier than a hot guy who would like to take me home and suck my cock.

Str8 guys who have a lot of success getting laid have a certain attitude, a confidence I like. And watching as that confidence turns to vulnerability when they pull out their cocks, seeing them get horny despite the camera and another man in the room is the best. Well, except for when those straight boys stroke their cocks till they shoot hot creamy cum. That really IS the best.

And there are 2 kinds of str8 guy porn - straight guys jacking off and straight guys try gay sex. I like straight guys jacking off. Sites like Straight Boys Jerk Off and Frat Men turn my crank. The fantasy can keep me busy for hours. On the other hand, my friend Jeremy loves sites where straight boys go gay for pay. Sites like Hard n Straight and Broke Straight Boys keep him at his computer for hours, VERY happy. A lot of guys I know love the gay for pay sites. They love the idea of seducing a straight guy little by little so he doesn't even know what's coming till they are getting their cocks sucked.

Some of the pioneers of the whole str8 niche include Corbin Fisher, Straight College Men who find real straight boys at colleges and universities. These are the kind of guys I like to watch get naked. A little interview first just sets the stage for what cums... er comes next ;)

Another pioneer of straight guy videos isn't a website, it's a video line. I'm talking about The Body Shoppe. That's the line that started with some str8 college guys but then introduced "Uncle Don" Ross who is not only the guy who picks the guys up but is also the director.

The first straight guy site I ever saw was Straight Guys. From the moment I realized these were generally unobtainable men, I was hooked! The videos there were raunchy and very amateurish, but these weren't men I got to meet at the bars - these were the real thing. Oooo! I get shivers (among other things) thinking about all that straight boy cock.

Straight college boys have considered women sexual objects for years - isn't it time we saw them as the sex objects they are? ;)

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