Yet another fine ebook site is at our disposal at Elloras Cave. While you would think that with all these sites popping up everywhere, they'd be getting boring or proverbial. Not in the least here though. Your menu is at the top of the page, with links to other important areas to the left. Elloras Cave is an actual erotic fiction publishing company - Romantica being the line of novels published by such. Down the center of the main page, you'll find links to descriptions and excerpts to the latest releases as well some ads that you might interesting. It would look as though Ellora has been around for a while as calendars and even t-shirts with their logo can be purchased. The site is quite large and there is a ton of stuff to browse through. Whatever your orientation or sexual preferences at any given time, you should have no trouble finding something to entice you. Browse by genre or search by theme. Either way, you really can't lose.

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