cameron bangs elliot

Elliot told Corbin Fisher that he's bottomed before, but it's been a long time since he's gotten fucked. Cameron is a solid, bulldog kind of guy with a rock-hard body and a stiff cock that is perfect for breaking in newbies - not too big, not too small. And his sensitive nature is perfect for guiding Corbin Fisher freshmen through their gay sex education.

Cameron gets things moving by kissing Elliot's chest, stomach, and nipples, and then he works his way down to Elliot's stiffening cock. He kisses and licks Elliot's shaft and balls and slaps Elliot's erection against his wet tongue. Then Cameron feeds his dick down Elliot's throat. And while this newbie is sucking cock, Cameron fingers his moist butt hole and gets it ready for his hard cock.

Elliot is eager to get fucked and spreads his ass for the blond top; Cameron slides his cock inside Elliot's butt hole. And while Elliot hasn't been fucked for a while, it seems it's like riding a bicycle and he quickly takes every inch of Cameron's cock. Camera pound Elliot hard in a doggy style position, then Elliot moves onto his back. With Cameron ramming his butt, Elliot shoots his load. Cameron picks up speed and jackhammer's this new bottom and cums inside of him.

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