"Continuously published since 1988, The Electronic Gay Community Magazine is the world's longest running online publication for the gay, lesbian and bisexual community." Our first page is pretty basic, with all of the navigation links at the bottom of the page. The large ad you will see of some chubby dude and a really hot stud leads to an Amazon listing for a porn flick entitled "Eating Out". Nothing extraordinary really in my opinion. Either don't click on it, or if the curiousity is just too much, go ahead. I can confirm that it's a clean link. From the links below, you can check out the latest news, editorials, health information, the latest in AIDS research, and quite a few other things. Don't expect much in the way of sensational design here, but sometimes less is more as we all know. Be sure to visit "Salutations" for a good chuckle, and "GayTV" is pretty entertaining as well. There's a fair amount to see here, and it looks as though it's all kept up to date. A fun resource for sure.

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