Yeah, Nino could kick up a storm I think. What a beauty this guy is. Perfect bod, great cock, and just the right amount of whisker stubble to chafe your skin so sexily. CIRCLE JERK BOYS feature him in a solo scene here that's quite nice. Hailing from New York, Nino is decorated with a fuckig hot PA and has a bar running right through his glands. I love PAs, don't you? Nino loves to show it off too. You'll find yourself just staring at this guy so beware. He has that effect on people. LOL.


What a sweet pair of buttocks. He's so inviting here while he kicks back and feigns sleep. I bet his asshole is something out of a dream. Tight, slightly hairy and delicious. I also bet he'd dig you getting your tongue right busy on it too. Mmmmm.


I called it right when I said Nino probably has a nice hole. Look at that thing! I'm drooling all over myself. Legs spread, ass high up in the air. What do you think he's looking for? Hmmm. Perhaps a cavity search is in order for this naughty boy. Yes indeed.


We like to tease sometimes here at GayDemon. He He. There it is guys. That beautiful, pierced lightning rod. Damn that's nice. CIRCLE JERK BOYS are getting better and better all the time. They never tire of bringing you lots of storms like "El" Nino here either. Nothing but quality and quantity guys. As you can see.>

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