I do wish that Edu Boxer would do more work. I love this hairy man. I think he's such a sexy and beautiful man. I mean look at that solid, hairy body. If that doesn't inspire your mojo, I don't know what would. Solid, muscular, well-built, and hairy, and he looks even better wet and lying on the beach. Edu's got the sexiest eyes, too, beautiful green babies that just lure you right in. And some men's faces just beg for a full beard, Edu Boxer's is one of them. Edu is featured in a fun beach photoset at Stallion Men. After spending a few hours at the beach, Edu comes home and showers off before lying back on his bed and jacking off for us. And boy does he shoot an amazing cum load. Thick wads of cum all over his hairy belly, with gobs of his smeared all over his big, manly hands. I do love watching this man work his cock. And Edu Boxer has his own video at Stallion Men that I download for a small fee, so now I can watch this hunk jacking off any time I want.

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