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Brandon Jones is a Montreal native who is well acquainted with the city's gay nightlife. Brandon is a DJ and he's having a bit of downtime and grooving on the dance floor. Edji Da Silva is a dark and sexy Arabic man who was taken with Brandon, so after dancing together for a bit, Edji steals Brandon away into a backstage area and the fun begins in this hot scene from Lucas Entertainment.

Edji Da Silva is a handsome, dark-haired stud with soulful, deep-brown eyes. He's wearing a beard, has beautiful kissable lips, and a thick cock. Man is it fat! Edji has a solid body, his chest is hairy and he's wearing a tribal tattoo across the left side of his body. I'm so jealous that Brandon Jones is going to get to slobber all over that beautiful dick.

The guys kiss passionately, then start stripping out of their clothes. And when Edji presents his hard fat cock, Brandon kneels and swallows it. The guys move to a private booth and continue swapping head and Edji sucks Brandon's uncut meat. And after Edji bends Brandon over and eats out his ass, he stuffs his impressive meat into Brandon's tight fuck hole. When Edji has had enough of Brandon's ass - can you ever get enough? it's so perky and tight - he fills up the bottom's mouth with his cum load.

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