• Guys Pants Down

    Guys Pants Down

    You know me, can't resist real guys showing off, especially when they are showing themselves naked, or nearly so. I simply crave image blogs like Guys Pants Down, and I spend a lot of time browsing around the web to find places just like this. This one really appeals to me because of its 'mission statement', well, it's About blurb at any rate: no studio images, only real amateurs, exhibitionists and some caugth on voyeur cams.

    So, when I was having a look around I found all kinds of guys showing themselves off in all kinds of ways. Flashing on purpose to the camera, cycling naked, streaking, trying to attract women by showing off his hard-on on (I assume) self-show sites, home-cam pics in the bath, phone shots at the mirror and guys getting changed at sports events. All that kind of thing can be found here and it makes for a pretty compelling time-waste of an hour or so. Only, you're not wasting time. You're having a good old ogle, and there's nothing wrong with that! Now, if you will excuse me, I have some more exhibitionist images to look at.

  • Men In Thongs

    Men In Thongs

    If you are a fan of thongs, you will love the site Men in Thongs. The webmaster is a huge fan of men wearing thongs. So much so that he has spent 8 years combing the web for the best thong images he could find. Through this site he is sharing his treasure chest of pictures. All for your wanking pleasure.

    But the site is not just restricted to thongs. Among mix are pictures of men in underwear, Speedos and spandex gear. There are a few videos wedged in between the pictures. But they are few and far between. The search function helps the user find something specific. But there is no sort of directory or keywords to make that search easier. That aside this is a site that offers something for everyone who loves men's crotches.

  • Mens Swim And Under

    Mens Swim And Under

    What began as an advertising project has turned into a fantastic blog covering all aspects of men's underwear and swimwear. The Webmaster obsession with all things swimwear is evident by the huge repository of images. There is not much in text, but he makes up for it with the quality of pictures he has found on the net. The site is updated on a regular basis, so there is always something fresh and new.

    The layout is simple and straightforward. The only quibble is that there is no navigation or directory. If you want to find something specific you have to use the search field. Otherwise you need to go from start to finish to view all the images. Other than that minor issue, this is eye candy at it's very best.

  • Facebook Wants You to Dildo-ize Putin

    putin dildo facebook

    Following up to Vince's Putin dildo story, now we learn a Facebook group has sprung up encouraging the sending of dildos to Putin. Not Facebook itself (I wish). Do I think this is the most effective political option or the most environmentally friendly? No, I sure don't. Pay attention to activist groups within Russia for ideas on that front. But I can fantasize Putin personally opens his fan mail and will now more likely find lovely inches for deep penetration. Maybe if he's too busy fucking himself, he can stop stigmatizing others? Yes, that is a fantasy.

    What's the clever name of the Facebook group? Forget clever this time. It's literally "Send A Dildo To Vladimir Putin: 23, Ilyinka Street, Moscow, 103132, Russia." The group also lets you know the Russian characters for dildo, as you would need that for the customs form.

    This would be so much more convenient if this happened around the Bejing Olympics, as I assume there are factories in China that make dildos. And not decadent capitalist dildos. But good, hard, austere Commie dildos. In Russia, I guess they use Vodka bottles as dildos. That was my attempt to create a sexual stereotype about Russians since the only other one I have is that Russians wear bright and tacky, yet awesome, bikini underwear.

    As for boycotting the viewing of the Olympics, that will be tough due to spandex on speed and ice skater thighs and asses. Personally, I don't want athletes to get special treatment while regular Russian citizens and tourists get the full brunt of the horrifying, oppressive, hateful law. If I had to write the script, I'd say an openly gay gold medalist gets arrested for kissing his/her partner within an Olympic venue. That would make headlines. Although so would an avalanche of dildos.

  • Asicswrestone


    Asicswrestone is a unique site featuring gear and bondage. Guys are tied up wearing jeans, sneakers, boots and other gear type clothing. What started out as pictures of the Webmasters bondage adventures has morphed into a full-fledged erotic story site. This is not a site where nudity, gay porn or descriptions of sex will prevail. Instead look for depictions and information of different types of bondage.

    There are some interesting bondage stories. But it is unclear if they are real-life or from the imagination of the Webmaster's mind. Accompanying the stories are pictures taken from the web. Which gives the reader a visual starting point. There are also images featuring the Webmaster and his consenting adult friends. As well as safe for work pictures featuring just jeans, sneakers, boots and other gear type clothing. So if you are interested in erotic bondage stories for gay men, this is the site for you!

  • Sewper America

    Sewper America

    Thought allamericanjockboy.com is the domain, it perfectly describes what Scott Sewperman is advertising. This is his site where he not only promotes himself, but re-blogs photos of guys and situations he finds hot (mostly white hunks). He bills himself as a rent boy with an iPhone, who says he can do it all. Aggressive top, submissive bottom or flip fuck. Whatever your pleasure, he can handle.

    In addition to being an escort, Scott is also a gay porn performer. He has posted clips of his work online. The side navigation allows the user easy access to his pictures, reviews and his video collection. Watching Scott's movies allow the viewer to see him in action, up close and personal. So if you are thinking about hiring him, you know exactly what you are getting. All in living color.

  • TyRain


    The TyRain porn blog dates back to 2007, so you can expect to be here a long time catching up on the photos and clips, adverts and info that is supplied. It's a simple blog and one that looks like it is set up to make someone some money. That's fair enough: there are adverts for some top porn sites plus samples from them, so you get to have a look, for free, at stuff from top sites like: Bel Ami, COLT Studios, Hammer Boys, Next Door Studios, Raging Stallion and Video Boys, among many other sites and companies. This is all arranged on the site in categories from Cowboys to Wrestling and you can start at the top and scroll down, or use the category list to the side. Or dive straight over to the advertised sites that are also found in their own list.

    Think of this blog as a resource for your porn hunting, and as somewhere to come when you want to cum. I liked it; it gave me lots of ideas for sites to visit and plenty of hot guys to look at.

  • It's a Bird, a Plane? No, It's Super Gay Man!

    super gay man

    Here he comes to save the day. And what global cataclysms will he stop? What crimes against nature will he save humanity from? What fucking good is he at all?

    Well, um, he's good at getting semen out of sequins. And he's good at going to the gym (sometimes) and trimming his moustache (always). He's also good at selling homeowners insurance by day and doing outcall massage by night. And he's good at making a fist but not hitting you.

    But most of all, he's good at dressing like Raquel Welch.

  • All Jacked Up

    All Jacked Up

    All Jacked Up is a blogspot blog for 'masturbators, jackers, edgers, JO addicts, wankers, cock-strokers...' you get the picture. It's run by a guy calling himself Jacker 615, and he shares images of himself on the site and on his profile. He's into jacking off to pics and vids and invites you to share his passion and his free images. There are simply loads of images and videos clips of hunks, hard men jacking off, I mean you don't need much more info than that to want to head over and have a look and then... let's not beat about the bush: join in jacking.

    But if you do: then there are also lists of categories, called Labels here with content arranged under such headings as Bator Buddies, Fonebone (like that one) and Mutual JO. You've also got some images, with text, from our host plus links to other blogs and sites he really likes. So I guess the bottom line here is that if you're looking for something to do, want some JO material, want to get involved or simply have a look, then your JO buddies are waiting for you right now.

  • Gaytrix


    Welcome to the Gaytrix, your portal into the wonderful world of sexy men. There is a blog here with regular postings about male celebs and hunks, models and artists, and anyone else who happens to appear on the net nude, semi-nude, or in underwear. The focus of the site and blog is men, clearly, but there are various categories of men to browse around and have fun with. If you head to the gallery index you find seven categories which, when I was there, gave me 19,552 individual images to look at. These were in categories of: Hotties, Athletes, B&W pics, The male body, Men in underwear, Porn stars and Shirtless celebrities.

    Each one of those areas is then sub-divided into other headings, so various sports under Athletes, for example, and then various amounts of images in each of the galleries. It's a great big collection of images celebrating men in various states of undress. And there is a rating system in place as well, so you can have some fun and rate the things you like the most. You can then check out the top rated clips, or gifs (no videos) and find yourself still browsing the site after an hour or so.