• Tie Guy UK

    Tie Guy UK

    This is the official blog of Tie Guy UK, which has provided bondage and kink for over ten years. What started out as a place to share the passion for bondage has turned into a very popular fetish website. Complete with original videos and pictures of amateur guys getting tied up. The blog offers previews and highlights of what is on the site.

    What is truly unique about the website is that there is no sex at all. Instead the focus is on the art and techniques of bondage. All of the men featured on are not models. Rather they are real regular guys: gay, straight and bisexual. All with one thing in common, wanting to experience the joy of getting tied up. With nothing set-up or forced upon them. That is what makes Tie Guy UK the success it is today.

  • Important Blow Job Lips News

    bj lips

    According to the internet: "This is a magic and quick solution to giving you a beautiful set of lips that everyone will be jealous of. Simply take some toilet paper which is found in most households, and roll it up to a pencil shape. Once you have done this, pop the tissue under your top lip. If you would prefer both lips to look larger, then repeat the process and do the same with the bottom lip. Position the paper just under your lip, along your lip line. You will see immediate effects."

    Awesome! Thank you, internet!!! Why am I shouting!?!?! Anyway, because of this tip, now you can have blow job lips with which to seduce that guy who is very picky about getting head only from a guy with blow job lips. And maybe after the sure to be successful blow job, you can find out for me if blow job is one word or two because I don't fucking no.

    As for what happens during the act, your lips should be curled in anyhow (thus the phrase "No teeth, bitch!"), so the toilet paper should stay in just fine. It will be super pleasant. Not papery at all.

    I wonder if it's possible to plump other parts of one's body using toilet paper. Perhaps some sort of crotch or bra stuffing, if I dare speak of such things. How risqué.

    P.S. I already have the necessary lips. Just missing the dick in the mouth part at this very second. Maybe, after you're done plumping your face, I can go down on the toilet paper roll. Or forget that. I'm into size. So a Bounty paper towel roll. That's the "Reuse" part of "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." Giving head saves the Earth.

  • Oh Yeah Demigods

    Oh Yeah Demigods

    Oh Yeah Demigods features two things gay guys love. Eye candy and men's fashions. Who could ask for anything more? For lovers of eye candy there is a ton of hunks. With many of the male models shirtless. It is updated daily, sometimes even multiple times a day. So you never get bored waiting for the next stud to appear. They even have a regular feature called Look of the Day which features a handsome model is a very sporty outfit.

    If you are more into fashion, this site has you covered as well. It is chock full of male models in the latest men's styles. The texts are a bit hit and miss. When there is information about the picture, it is very detailed. The description breaks down who designed the jacket, the shirt, the shoes and even the tie. Linking to all the designers, the model and even the photographer. When there is no information on the outfit or model, the text is left blank. Bottom line if you are into hunks and fashion this is a great bargain. As all discount shoppers know, two for the price of one is a great deal.

  • Conan Auditions for Men At Play?

    Goof about town Conan O'Brien gives one of his assistant producers Jordan Schlansky a hard time for being late on Fridays which delightfully borders on (or equals) sexual harassment. It's basically the entire set up for a Men At Play office fetish video, minus the flashy pinstripes, shiny shoes and shiny penises.

    But you need to watch. Conan is in control and you'll like it. I know Jordan secretly did, and not just because he probably got scale for speaking on camera. Who knew assistant producers had such fine torsos?

    And if Jordan Schlansky has been inside you, tell us about it. In detail. Twice.

  • My Dirty Favorites

    My Dirty Favorites

    My Dirty Favorites is a blog featuring the life of Roger Kint. He is a highly sexually charged lad from London. This website has changed over the years. At first it was a site that featured his bareback escapades, through pictures and videos. And what adventures they were, as he kept his uncut Prince Albert cock extremely busy. Everything was smooth sailing for a while until Roger tested positive for HIV in 2013.

    Now this site is a journal detailing his life as a sexual guy. All the while dealing with his positive status. Mixed in with his writing are videos and pictures highlighting his sex life. His videos are pretty popular on xtube, though he does say they were filmed prior to testing positive. And he answers questions from his many followers about anything and everything regarding his life. This is a site that is raw, honest and unapologetic about being sexual and being HIV positive.

  • Absolutely Inappropriate

    Absolutely Inappropriate

    Not what I was expecting from the title, Absolutely Inappropriate is one guys' visual list of what he finds inspiring, gorgeous and hot; images of men of course. But not gratuitous images of naked guys doing inappropriate things, just images of good looking, moody, handsome and varied men. Male models, mainly, actors and guys clipped from magazines and re-posted on the blog. Very little nudity, some very erotic images though, some galleries, but mainly a long list of pictures of men. Click one to see any notes left behind by other passing bloggers, though you may have to be signed in to Tumblr in order to do this. It also looks like you can share your own inspirational men via this blog, there are some links at the bottom of the screen to use. I found myself scrolling down for hours; it looks like this blogger has an awful lot of inspiration in his life!

  • Vintage Gay Media History

    Vintage Gay Media History

    When I called in at Vintage Gay Media History, the blog/site was running a piece on the 40th year of Playgirl magazine, which just goes to show that this site takes its subject matter seriously. It's a fascinating place to pop over to, for a read about the history of gayness in the media. There were pieces paying tribute to Superman, in light of the new film, and there was even a cross-article, you might call it, about Christopher Reeve, as Superman, on the cover of Playgirl in 1979, which was titled '1979 Vs 2013 Cultures.'

    But don't think that it is all about only those two subjects. There's a wide spectrum of interesting articles that come with appropriate images. The archives date back to 2009, so there's a lot to catch up on. Back then I found articles about subjects as diverse as Dark Shadows (the TV series) and The Marquis de Sade. The blog also has a section for porn site reviews and links off to other blogs of interest. It's serious, well written and well worth a visit.

  • Guys Pants Down

    Guys Pants Down

    You know me, can't resist real guys showing off, especially when they are showing themselves naked, or nearly so. I simply crave image blogs like Guys Pants Down, and I spend a lot of time browsing around the web to find places just like this. This one really appeals to me because of its 'mission statement', well, it's About blurb at any rate: no studio images, only real amateurs, exhibitionists and some caugth on voyeur cams.

    So, when I was having a look around I found all kinds of guys showing themselves off in all kinds of ways. Flashing on purpose to the camera, cycling naked, streaking, trying to attract women by showing off his hard-on on (I assume) self-show sites, home-cam pics in the bath, phone shots at the mirror and guys getting changed at sports events. All that kind of thing can be found here and it makes for a pretty compelling time-waste of an hour or so. Only, you're not wasting time. You're having a good old ogle, and there's nothing wrong with that! Now, if you will excuse me, I have some more exhibitionist images to look at.

  • Men In Thongs

    Men In Thongs

    If you are a fan of thongs, you will love the site Men in Thongs. The webmaster is a huge fan of men wearing thongs. So much so that he has spent 8 years combing the web for the best thong images he could find. Through this site he is sharing his treasure chest of pictures. All for your wanking pleasure.

    But the site is not just restricted to thongs. Among mix are pictures of men in underwear, Speedos and spandex gear. There are a few videos wedged in between the pictures. But they are few and far between. The search function helps the user find something specific. But there is no sort of directory or keywords to make that search easier. That aside this is a site that offers something for everyone who loves men's crotches.

  • Mens Swim And Under

    Mens Swim And Under

    What began as an advertising project has turned into a fantastic blog covering all aspects of men's underwear and swimwear. The Webmaster obsession with all things swimwear is evident by the huge repository of images. There is not much in text, but he makes up for it with the quality of pictures he has found on the net. The site is updated on a regular basis, so there is always something fresh and new.

    The layout is simple and straightforward. The only quibble is that there is no navigation or directory. If you want to find something specific you have to use the search field. Otherwise you need to go from start to finish to view all the images. Other than that minor issue, this is eye candy at it's very best.