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Hardprint has a subheading: "A look at fag rags around the world." What it supplies is indeed just that - looks and indepth links to these magazines. And what a fascinating collection they are! Magazines begin at the incredible "Art In Odd Places" which deals with "all disciplines outside the confines of public space regulations". (It therefore presents diverse artworks such as the Manhole Covers of 14th Street in New York City. Fascinating and actually gorgeous stuff.) This blog also acquaints us with more traditional types of magazines but those which not everyone knows about, such as "Spank Me" and "In Their Room", the latter of which takes place in the private homes of various subjects with the current issue subtitled "Butt readers". The Spanish magazine "Kink" shows us men undressed and moody, with sumptuous and hugely rich photography, while the more exuberant "Fantastic Man" reveals celebrities and other-worldly beautiful men as human, open and gorgeous. The theme is definitely somewhat educational as the author here breaks us all into a range of slick and hot magazines, many of which a lot of us - and certainly I - never knew existed. To my mind, it is somewhat ground-breaking insight into the state of magazine publishing and its most recent and most stylish, raw and interesting incarnations in the field of magazines.

Written by GayDemon

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Yummy of the Day


Yummy of the Day is a rather scrumptious morsel of a confection engineered as such by the absolute intent of its author. This blog is rather loose in a way. Among his other posts - some on life and his own personal ruminations - he opts to post pictures from users and readers - pictures of themselves or boyfriends, for example. Oh, he combines them with ultimately gorgeous and much more famous people, but he has a nice mixed constellation of "stars" in his blog. Mac seems an unpretentious type, snugged in with his mate of 20 years and more interested in the pleasures life has to offer than the drudgery and pain of life like so many others. His intent: "Just like a cupcake, my site is simple, sweet and satisfying. There's enough stress in the world, so pull up a chair and savor each nibble. Enjoy..." Thus he brings this wide variety of amateur hunks and the ultra famous together for a mixed view of hot men the world over. We get a glimpse of how gay men raise a child as well - and all this in a small town in Texas of all places. I am quietly impressed with his straightforward feelings on blogging and on life in general. There are some blogs which should stay somewhat personal. They have interesting lives and they ask the questions we all do. Sometimes indeed, the sweetest morsels of life are the simple and obvious ones. This is an extremely charming blog.

Written by GayDemon

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Cock of the Law

Cock of the Law

Let's face it - most of us have had a cop fantasy or two. After all, what could be hotter than men with authority wearing uniforms? Surprisingly there are few porn sites out there focusing on police. Cock of the Law puts the focus on horny cops who fuck a variety of criminals, delivering their own unique brand of justice, and there are also some men in uniform who like sucking dicks. There's a variety of cops here from Highway Patrol to sheriffs to police officers, and they all get serviced. It's a fun and definitely sexy theme, and although it's probably safe to assume that these men aren't real police (although who knows?), they have the attitude, the jackets, the aviator sunglasses, the nightsticks. And they have the hard dicks. For those who have a cop fantasy, Cop of the Law may be just the ticket ;)

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Wet Boxers Guy


Wet Boxers Guy takes what would seem to be a finite little niche and expands it nicely into a very sensual style. Richly-archived, this blog has been around a while by current blogging standards - at least enough to present the author's most definite sense of what he - and me - deems erotic and appealing when featuring underwear. From solo poses of guys specifically modeling, other men being caught themselves in "flagrante indelicto", or by capturing men at play with one another, reaching inside those very boxers (and some briefs) for sexual play, all of this blog never loses it focus on the overriding theme- sexuality. This is a model-specific blog, for sure. The asses light up the screen as do the bulges sprouting magnificently under the cloth. This is a very, very sexy blog. make no mistake. "The cock" - or "the ass" - is never far away, sometimes - most-times - being featured far above the importance of mere clothing. And this is the point. Hidden beneath the folds or else featured in a pulsating obviousness, a hard male cock or a curving, hugely sexy ass are the featured themes above all else. The men depicted in here are universally good-looking - eye candy all - and they have little apparent fear of "exposure". Indeed, this blog is all about the loss of mystery, not the furtherance of it. Indirect as it may seem, one leaves with the most definite perception that he has been viewing hard dicks and lovely asses underneath underpants. This is some sexy stuff.

Written by GayDemon

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Black Men Collection


Black Men Collection is a serious and extremely relevant work featuring not just gay black men - which it does in abundance - but also straight black men who happen to be gorgeous. In fact, as the picture above testifies, it even features the soccer hero David Beckham as the white man who is "most black" in style and in spirit, in a well-written, ironic and funny piece which also typifies this loose but smart-as-a-whip site. There is a serious tone with social awareness which a black-centric site will often have. The fact that it is also a gay site adds something, actually, inasmuch as the sympathy for historically-challenged minorities is implicit and long since enshrined. But there is much also to like in the models used, in the beauty of the photographs and the appreciation of the male body in every sense. Well-muscled, good-looking men grace these pages in alluring and gorgeous ways and photographed professionally by some of the best. There is a fabulous interview by a gay black actor who philosophizes about his own experiences in the two "worlds" on the bare outside of integration. Athletes come and hang out, caught in relaxing situations and even Janet Jackson makes an appearance, promoting AIDs awareness. Intelligent and even political, this site teems with excellent and quite interesting fare. Plus, the pictures are damn yummy!

Written by GayDemon

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Men at Play

Men at Play

The first time I saw Men at Play, I was blown away. Men at Play focuses on true hunks - handsome and well-built men wearing the same kind of clothes a high powered executive would wear. We're talking about muscular men in expensive well-tailored suits, crisp business shirts with silk ties, thin dark socks and Italian shoes. You get the pictures. And this isn't a semi-nude site, either - these guys get sweaty as they suck and fuck, including some very steamy office sex, jackoff sessions and "fuck the boss" scenarios that stand out from other sites featuring men in suits. The site recently got a new look and made some improvements, but the guys are still the horniest men in suits, and the action is just as hot. If I sound almost too enthusiastic, what can I tell you? I just love the men and the action at Men at Play!

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Vintage Gay Male History


Vintage Gay Media History is a fascinating and quite eccentric compilation of historical references to gay literature, movies, article, personalities - of persecutions and celebrations, all occurring in history. From an elaborate series on the infamous "Brian's Boys" - a vintage piece of porn from the '70's and featuring the muscle cars of the '60's - where he goes to great pains to describe the atmosphere of the times as well as the emergence of a new gay star, the author performs a great service. He has put together a nice mix of the relatively or supremely famous - "Justine" and "Juliette" by the Marquis De Sade in review form - to the more obscure - a sort of "Where is he now?" post about David White, Playgirl's first totally nude guy layout and a gay icon of the time. In between he has an absolutely fascinating history of the 1749 tract: "Satan's Harvest Home". In this post, he describes the advent of an increasing intolerance for gay behavior brought forth by a church bent on scooping up yet more control of everyday life in England. The issue of social control is patently obvious and the author does a great job of making it even more apparent. The circulation of mistruths and outright lies surrounding such individual behavior became a cause for conformity and criminality as a result of its popularity and another era of gay-bashing began. This is an intelligent and very interesting collection of historical media events which span all media even back to the 18th Century. A really good read.

Written by GayDemon

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Jock Boy Locker


Jock Boy Locker is actually more than meets the eye at first. Braced in a rather minimalist style, this interesting blog diverts from the opening page in remarkable ways with some hidden riches. By first hitting the site, I got a very informative post about some details involving power lifting, strength and weight training. I was immediately struck by the knowledge of the writer who obviously knows of what he speaks. A recitation on "grip training" welcomed me. Descriptions of the different phases and styles of "grip" ensued and I actually learned quite a bit, in particular the relation of gripping power to the amount of weight one can safely hoist. OK. However, when I scrolled over to the right and confronted the various lists of items there, I found another world entirely of fabulous men. Yes, almost all these guys are human Adonises. They all look terrifically athletic and there are absolutely breath-taking pictures of men flexing with blood vessels prominent, a tension reflecting a superb and rare element of strength and male beauty. In fact, and this is the point, all the pages encountered feature different yet gorgeous men. I think what made it stand out so starkly is the minimalist element I referred to above, contrasting the fabulous and ultra-professional - if not trend-setting photography. There is eye candy galore here but it is always set in a fascinating and elegant style which redounds throughout this fascinating blog. This is actually, then, more than a little special. This seemed to me, on reflection, to be a work of love and art and it sort of simply stuns one with the sheer power of its images. This is a truly remarkable find.

Written by GayDemon

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eyeCandy is just a terrific and lively blog with all entries involving individual gorgeous guys, most times with a small gallery along with the post. Actors, celebrities, athletes - 'everyone gorgeous' is included with some surprises as well. By far the primary thrust of the blog is a seductive though soft-core sense of beauty, specializing in chests and shirtless guys. In this respect they succeed brilliantly. Many of the shots are from shoots where the performer was obviously asked to get a bit "risque". Underpants get pulled down quite seductively and one sees the obvious bulging protuberance, sometimes fairly erect, in fact, behind the tortured underpants. The bodies featured are invariably simply eye candy indeed to look at and dwell on. Categories listed across the top reflect "celebrities", "hairy hunks", "male models", "shirtless hunks", and "sportsmen" and can be accessed from the links. This is a blog about beauty - the beauty and form of the near-perfect male body - and it does indeed center on what's above the waist. I think the focus is inspiring, myself. It is very true to the "shirtless hunk" premise it began with. Active, engaging, and enthusiastic, I actually quite like this gorgeous little blog.

Written by GayDemon

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Sneaky Peek

Sneaky Peek hidden cam and gay voyeur site

There's not many gay voyeur sites around for those who like to watch guys when they don't know they're being watched - not even well-done faked ones. Recently I ran across a site called Sneaky Peek, though, and it fits the bill perfectly. The first page has a video that sort of explains everything and shows the spycam being set up. The site shows us college-age guys going to the bathroom, in the locker room, showering, changing in fitting rooms and even at home in their bedrooms. The guys I see on Sneaky Peek are fit regular guys with regular guy bodies rather than pornstar or bodybuilder phyiques, and mostly with unshaved pubes. Sneaky Peek is for those who have wished they were invisible and watching as the guys came back to the gym after a workout, or toweled off after a shower, While I can't be sure whether the videos are real or staged, they sure give the experience of real hidden cam videos!

Photos courtesy of Sneaky Peek | Published 06 Nov 2009 in Editors Pick | Comments

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