Edin Sol attacked in New York

O.K what the fuck is going on in New York City? The city has seen it's 3rd homophobic attack in a week and this time the victim of a violent attack was Lucas Entertainment porn star Edin Sol.

Queerty reports that Edin was attacked last Friday and they spoke to Edin and he said to be still in shock and can not believe that these things still happen. Obviously he is feeling unsafe and is still in recovery after the attack.

According to a CBS report Edin and his partner were trying to get in to a billiards bar but they were refused entry. The were approached by a group of 5 men and who began yell anti-gay slurs and then they were attacked and beaten. Edin and his partner were taken to the hospital where he had to undergo eye surgery.

I seriously don't know what the hell is going on with some of the people in New York City. I mean it's supposed to be one of, if not the, most tolerant city in the U.S. So what the hell is going on?

Sol finally said that the streets felt unsafe and that he was worried about his friends who could potentially get hurt. I understand where he is coming from and hopefully officials can get to the root of these attacks, cause this most deffo should not be happening anywhere, much less N.Y.C.

(Sources: Queerty, CBS New York)

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