EDGE Boston is a virtual online newspaper devoted to the city of Boston and not only its gay network - although that is a focus - but also anything relevant to art, society and social life revolving around this, one of my favorite cities. I use the term "newspaper" simply because of EDGE's breadth of vision. The scope is more than city-wide for one thing, and the range of topics and concerns covers pretty much the entire spectrum of life in any city and its metropolitan area. There are columns and news articles dealing with local and even national politics. There are 'takes' on bills and debates pending at various legislatures touching on similar areas of interest to the gay community. Wedding announcements, great eateries, good shows coming, business and finance, technology, arts and sciences. In short, they don't miss much. But above all in my own particular vision, it is the overall quality of the writing and the observations made which capture my interest and make me promote this rag the most. This is simply an intelligent spot and I don't know how to add much to that in a short space. It does however make it easy to advocate for. These are the good guys.

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