This is Eddie. He recently did his first porn shoot - a solo shoot - for Buzz West. Unlike most of Buzz's models, Eddie is not a military guy or recent ex-military guy. He is, however, a friend of Buzz West model Big Russ, who introduced them and recommended Eddie as a model. Eddie has dark hair, green eyes and a beautiful cock. He says he's straight - and I guess he could be - but Buzz said that he teased Eddie a lot during the shoot and says he caught the guy looking at his crotch several times.

Doesn't Eddie look like a cute guy next door in this shot? That boyish look, piercing eyes, nice body and his goodies still tucked away inside his crisp white briefs...


Something else about Eddie is that he has super low hanging balls. Looks like Buzz liked them so much that he gave them their own closeups - and they're definitely worth it.


As you can see, another nice thing about Eddie is that he doesn't shave his pubic hair. And by the way, Eddie had no trouble at all getting his cock hard for the shoot and keeping it hard. Looks like he was the right man for the job!


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