Lord knows that there are plenty of ways to get your gay porn gossip these days (besides GayDemon, of course). But now, when you get tired of reading disreputable bloggers who simply write about their porn star friends, there's a new weekly show you can watch! Studly Eddie Stone has been knocking around the big biz for years. He debuted as a model in 2003, working for director Chi Chi LaRue in numerous movies as a Rascal Video exclusive (who can forget his scorching turn in When in Rome!?). After winning awards and being molded for his own dildo, Eddie returned to his native Canada, where he married well and got his own radio show in Toronto.

Now, 35-year-old Stone is back, hosting a weekly gay porn gossip show that gives his humorous and unique take on an industry he knows quite well. Each episode offers the inside scoop on that week's hottest news and gossip, whether it's a publicity-hungry porn star couple releasing an alleged sex tape together, the launch of a new surfer dude Web site or a compilation DVD from an overexposed reality star. Eddie even pokes fun at one of his old films (The Stone Age, which FabScout's Howard Andrew calls "the worst movie ever made!"). The best part is that we get to see Eddie's handsome mug before the cameras once again. Who knows? Maybe he'll do a future episode shirtless! You can find This Week in Porn on Eddie Stone's YouTube channel or watch the latest installment by clicking above.

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