EcontroMix bases its allure on sheer style of an extremely luscious sort. These are sumptuous photographs of some famous and not-so-famous figures, both female and male, but with a definite preponderance of hot-looking and totally gorgeous males. The "about" page mentions that the interest of the blog is to promote a distinct touch of purity to be derived from images which clearly illustrate the "spicy" and the "alluring" in their most beautiful forms. The photographs all are intended to interest and excite owing to the mixtures of form and presentation. Lighting, dampness, shades of expressive heat and seductiveness all combine to form the essence of allurement and arousal. I cannot see any violation of his intent, myself. He is extremely consistent. The presentations I browsed on this blog are universally promising and absolutely gorgeous. We see some figures we know well, posed in highly seductive ways, nearly surprising us in their impact. I like his choices of subjects and I also respect what he is trying to impart to us. This is a sumptuous and alluring blog, just as the author intended.

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